Tottenville – Staten Island

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A little southern exposure for Staten Island.

Staten Island NY

The neighborhood of Tottenville in Staten Island is shown highlighted in orange

Tottenville is the southernmost neighborhood of Staten Island, New York City and New York State, with an area of approximately 1.7 square miles (4.4 km2). Originally named Bentley Manor by one of its first settlers, Captain Christopher Billop (1638–1726), after a small ship he owned named the Bentley, the district was renamed Tottenville in 1869, apparently in honor of the locally prominent Totten family, whose name can be seen on tombstones in one of the earliest churches, Bethel Methodist Church, on Amboy Road. The neighborhood is represented in the New York City Council by Joe Borelli.


Early history

The Raritan band of the Unami Indians, a branch of the Lenape or Delaware nation, were the original inhabitants of all Staten Island, including Tottenville. The largest pre-European burial ground known as Burial Ridge, is located in Conference House…

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Honoring Veterans on Memorial Day

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“They were all humble saying that they didn’t do much. Maybe on their own, but as a unit the accomplished great things.”

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7 Tips to Avoid Procrastination

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Whether you are going back to college, working, or stay home taking care of the kids, avoiding procrastination is sometimes a job unto itself. It is easy to think you can put off starting on that p…

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Living with Down Syndrome: Eric Schwacke

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“I am very capable of doing the job,” -Eric Schwacke.

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The Gravesend Gazette

27_Neck_Road_20160326_Landmarked The Lady Moody – Van Sicklen House, 27 Gravesend Neck Road, Brooklyn, New York.

It took them half a century (plus two months), but today — just this minute, in fact! — the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) finally designated the Lady Moody – Van Sicklen House an official New York City landmark. That means it cannot be altered or demolished without the permission of the LPC (click here for more about designation). That permission is granted only rarely, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

This great news has me feeling elated and exhausted and a million other things at once. I send my deepest gratitude to everyone who wrote to the LPC, or spoke at the hearing last fall, or just kept their fingers crossed and sent good thoughts for this magical outcome. I can’t imagine a Gravesend without this house. And now, thankfully, I don’t…

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Tottenville Beach 1905 to 2016

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Staten Island NY

Tottenville Beach is part of the southernmost neighborhood of Staten Island, in New York City, USA. Tottenville Beach is the part of Tottenville that is south and east of Hylan Boulevard. It is the newest part of Tottenville. It was largely undeveloped up until the 1990s. It is exclusively residential, and is bordered on the south and west by Conference House Park. Page Avenue is usually considered the northeastern boundary of Tottenville Park and also that of all of Tottenville.

While the beach that the area is named for is not popular with swimmers or sunbathers, it is nonetheless a popular place for fishing.

Several hotels dotted the shoreline in the area during the first half of the 20th century, but currently (2013) the only commercial establishment in the entire area is the “Coral Bay Cafe” at 722 Rockaway Street. As of 2016 it is…

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Wild Turkeys Get a Taste of Domesticity, Much to a Borough’s Chagrin

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Much ado about turkeys:

STATEN ISLAND JOURNAL Article is Courtesy of the New York Times Wild Turkeys Get a Taste of Domesticity, Much to a Borough’s Chagrin Wild Turkeys Are Nuisance on Staten Island KIRSTEN LUCE FOR THE …

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